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Hello Artluvvers,

It has been a wonderfully busy summer, which is why this fourth blog is a little late. But as they say better late than never.

Artistree, for our last exhibtion is incorporating h.Art into the 2 month period, 7th-14th September.  Which means our final exhibition for the year started on 4th September and finishes on 3rd November.  There are a lot of new and exciting pieces of work available so please come along and have a look.  Poster below.

Many thanks for your continued support.



HART_final-2 poster


The Art of Summer

Hello Art Luvvers and welcome to our third blog of the year, and finally we have been enjoying some much needed sunshine.

As artists we have all been working away creating some new work to cover the next two exhibitions and we will be delighted to show you the fruits of our labour.

Our next exhibition starts on 17th July.  More details below but for now,  we continue introducing the next of our featured artists, please read on.


Hilary Davies

Hilary pic 2       Blows the wind (1) Hilary

I have been drawing and painting for many years, taking inspiration from adult education classes, OCA courses and courses with practising artists. I always take a sketch book on my travels at home and abroad, and come home eager to develop mixed media paintings in acrylic. I like to work in layers, building up the image randomly, then drawing on the source material to produce a finished piece. I use colours expressively with collage and enjoy the surprise element as the materials work together. I aim to create images that reflect energy, colour and light.


Jennie Janes

Light through Leaves Jennie        Jennie pic

Jennie, living in rural Worcestershire, is influenced by the surrounding countryside, nature, the British coastline and estuaries; this can be seen in her paintings of landscapes and skyscapes. She works from her own observations, sketches and photographs. Her genres also include life and still life.

She has studied Fine Art at Malvern Hills College, and has a BA Hons in Art History, reading Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern Western Art.

As well as regularly exhibiting with us in our Gallery, she has exhibited in numerous galleries across Gloucester, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Jennie works in acrylic paints, mixed media, collage and print on paper, and canvas; her usual drawing media is charcoal and ink.


Marion Steele


Marion pic  Marion pic

I studied Art, Craft and Design as part of my Bed at University of Wales, Carmarthen and have been a primary teacher for the last 26 years.

I have always had an interest in fabrics, threads and paint and have developed a love of art in its widest sense and became a textile artist approximately 3 years ago.

Over the years I have dabbled and experimented with many skills and techniques in both paint and textiles. I love the effect paint/dye/inks have on canvas, paper and fabric. Likewise, I use similar approaches to textiles where I use threads, fabrics and yarns to cover a background like brushstrokes of paint.

I experiment with colour, shape, texture, mixed media and composition to create my pieces of work. I use a variety of recycled fabrics, wool and yarn in my work and find inspiration from nature, landscapes and seascapes.

I live and work in Worcester.


Jan Thompson

Image6 merge Jan pic

I have been working with clay now for several years with my main interest being form.  I love pushing the clay into areas that are far from the original clay use, which was for cups, plates, bowls and water vessels.  I love to make pots but I also love adding bits of clay to make something which is extensively aesthetic. There is an element of fun in my work too.

I have had no real formal training, having attended an adult learning class many years ago.  I live and work in the Cotswolds.


As promised more about our next exhibition.

SUMMER_jpeg (3) poster

This will be an exciting new exhibition which we are all looking forward to presenting.  Come along and meet the artists, all of whom steward throughout the week.  We would love to share our various practice with you.



Quote – If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”
Émile Zola









Hello and welcome to the second blog of the year.  We have had a very exciting first exhibition and are looking forward to the next one, details below.

Each blog this year we are introducing our talented artists. So here are three more; Emma Sharman, Bill Denny and Brian Richardson for your perusal.

Photo Emma    Emma work


Emma Sharman

“I started working as an abstract artist approximately 2 years ago.


I am self taught and primarily work with Alcohol Inks and Pebeo mixed media.

I paint on a number of substrates, but particularly like aluminum and copper as these allow the inks to really shine through.

I’m drawn to the sea and love the blues and turquoise colours of the ocean.

I’m also fascinated by space exploration and constantly look to the universe for inspiration as seen in my planet series.”


Paintings Bill    photo bill

Bill Denny

I studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths’ College, London University in the 60’s and then obtained a teaching degree from Hornsey College of Art.  I started my teaching career at Haileybury and then became Director of Art at Malvern College where I designed a new Art Centre which opened in 1974.  I was Chairman of the Independent Schools Art and Design Association and Chairman of Examiners for the Oxford and Cambridge Examination Board of Art and History of Art A Level examinations.

My aim in life and as a teacher has always been to develop my own talent and that of others in the visual arts both in theory and practice, perhaps summed up by the following – ‘The task is to make straight the creative path for those that come after, to bear light in the dark of ignorance and nourish the imagination’.

As an artist the underlying strength of precise analysis in terms of drawing has been central to my own work.  More recently I have moved to greater abstraction to stimulate the observer’s response to the image in question which has been particularly important.

Brian image


Brian Richardson

The Rolling of Dice

My first rewarding experience was as a seven year old.  I won an art competition!  Since then creating pictures has preoccupied my creative output. My art is informed by images compulsively collected from elements of the environment especially the unique aspects of The Malvern Hills where I live image Brian

and work, but also on my travels.  The ‘landscape’ for me can be an expansive vista, or at my feet as I walk.  It can be discovering things imperfect, impermanent, incomplete or even ‘unseen’. I celebrate cracks and crevices, tracks and scars, and other marks of time, weather and use have left behind.  However, it is the act of painting where invention begins.

All of my works have elements in common…..chance, happy accidents, discovery.  The theme of my work therefore relates to the process of painting rather than any subject matter or content.

My paintings emerge from the emotions I feel….. I am a physical and spontaneous painter working to capture feelings and emotions in a tangible form.

I begin without expectations, ‘I do not seek, I find‘ (Pablo Picasso) and work on a subconscious level that disregards conscious logic.  Guided by my ‘inner voice’, I surrender control to the paint, transporting it by various means on a journey of creative discovery.  I have no fear of ‘making mistakes’.  It is only when I become consciously aware and start making judgments that problems occur.

I am reliably informed that all of the above examples relate to a process called ALEATORICISM, which means the incorporation of chance into the process of creation.  Aleatoricism is derived from the Latin word Alea, The Rolling of Dice






 Clay Sculpture Workshops for beginners

Play, experiment or try a portrait fiqure – small classes, must be over 18

SAT JUNE 8th.  – 10.30am – 2.30pm
FREE Mini taster sessions working with clay  during Ledbury Community Day

Mon 10th June – 11.00am – 3pm                  this one alice
Clay Sculpture Workshop             £40
Tues 11th June – 6pm – 9pm
Clay Sculpture Workshop             £35

Or £68 for both – Free clay included

Booking required

Alice May Shield
To book email:

 At ‘Artistree Gallery’

Upstairs at Heritage Centre
Church Lane, Ledbury. HR8 1DN


Thank you so much for continuing to support Artistree at The Gallery, Ledbury.

You will receive a very warm welcome when you visit.


Quote:- ‘Creativity takes courage’ – Henri Matisse



Are you ready… we go…… another year begins at The Gallery, Ledbury 2019

Yes all the preparations are underway and we open again on Wednesday 6th March.  Opening hours remain the same, 10.30am – 4.30pm, Wednesday- Sunday.

We are getting excited to show off our new work and some familiar work too but nonetheless a warm welcome will be extended to all who come and of course all of us are willing and able to explain our vision for any of the art on display.



As we start a new year we thought it appropriate to introduce the artists to you, so the aim is to include 3 artists per blog beginning rather predictably with the ‘A’s.


Alan with Focus on me! (1)

Alan Richardson

Alan is a Ledbury based artist carrying on the tradition of Marcel Duchamp who had the concept of creativity which valued transforming materials to the point where they became something new.

Best described as ‘’Re-vision’’ the materials used keep their original look but enter into a new configuration. The aim is to stimulate the viewer into considering the way these objects existed and accept their creation into a new form.


Alice (1)

Alice May Shield

Sculptor, Painter

I am simply an observer of “without and within”, observing emotions, from pensive tranquillity to passion and exuberance.

In my work I try to embody the spirit of that emotion in paint, clay, wire, whichever medium seems to call me at that moment.

When I work with clay, I model the original Alice Sculpture (2)often over a handmade armature (a wire framework), fabricate my own multi-piece mould, then I cast the form in sturdy traditional materials i.e. French Ciment-Fondue or cast stone. This is a long and many-faceted process during which I carefully maintain the original inspiration and vision.

My sculptures range in size from miniature emotionally charged figures to a life-size clay figure which is a work in progress!

History:    Qualified Nurse for 30 years; 20 of those also a Qualified Therapist.

Studied sculpture at Malvern Hills College.

I offer sculpture workshops in Ledbury and Cheltenham. You are welcome to email for details:


Arthur blog

Arthur print


We hope to see you soon and please enjoy the blog.


Quote – The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke (Jerzy Kosinski)

Artistree Blog August 2018

gallery pic

The Gallery, Upstairs Heritage Centre. Church Lane, Ledbury, HR8 1DN.

A not-for-profit Contemporary Artists’ Co-operative.

Values – Participation, Trust and Common Vision.

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Hello art luvvers,

Artistree’s current exhibition is due to finish very soon on Sunday 26th August.  Our next exhibition will start on Wednesday 29th August and run until 28th October.  Please see poster below.  We have had a wonderful summer and thank you for your continued interest and support.



The Gallery Ledbury is upstairs in the Heritage Museum building at the top of Church Lane.  It is a wonderful old building with lots of character and Artistree are delighted with the space to display their art.  You will receive a very warm welcome and artists who steward each day (Wednesday – Sunday) are very

happy to explain their procedures.

Come along and chat, tell Artistree members what you are interested in too.




‘A State of Being’: Thriving local Artists’ Co-operative’s Third Art Exhibition of 2018.

Artistree, the Ledbury-based artists’ co-operative are holding their third exhibition of the 2018 season in their Gallery above the Heritage Centre in Ledbury’s Church Lane.

This exhibition showcases the talents of Artistree artists, displaying the diverse range of media used within the group, encompassing textiles, ceramics, print, encaustic, wood, photography as well as paint.

All our artists show the influence of the landscape, sea, our present culture, internalizing these elements to express and communicate in their unique ways their own perspective of the human experience, what it is to be human, the human response and state of being.




Advance Notice – Artistree will also be exhibiting at No. 8, Pershore from Thursday November 15th until Wednesday 5th December.

The Gallery, Ledbury will close from October 28th until March 2019.  Artistree continue to meet during that time to discuss and plan for the following year and will continue to update from time to time.

Quote – ‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time’ (Thomas Merton).  Can’t be bad!!!!