Hello and welcome to the second blog of the year.  We have had a very exciting first exhibition and are looking forward to the next one, details below.

Each blog this year we are introducing our talented artists. So here are three more; Emma Sharman, Bill Denny and Brian Richardson for your perusal.

Photo Emma    Emma work


Emma Sharman

“I started working as an abstract artist approximately 2 years ago.


I am self taught and primarily work with Alcohol Inks and Pebeo mixed media.

I paint on a number of substrates, but particularly like aluminum and copper as these allow the inks to really shine through.

I’m drawn to the sea and love the blues and turquoise colours of the ocean.

I’m also fascinated by space exploration and constantly look to the universe for inspiration as seen in my planet series.”


Paintings Bill    photo bill

Bill Denny

I studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths’ College, London University in the 60’s and then obtained a teaching degree from Hornsey College of Art.  I started my teaching career at Haileybury and then became Director of Art at Malvern College where I designed a new Art Centre which opened in 1974.  I was Chairman of the Independent Schools Art and Design Association and Chairman of Examiners for the Oxford and Cambridge Examination Board of Art and History of Art A Level examinations.

My aim in life and as a teacher has always been to develop my own talent and that of others in the visual arts both in theory and practice, perhaps summed up by the following – ‘The task is to make straight the creative path for those that come after, to bear light in the dark of ignorance and nourish the imagination’.

As an artist the underlying strength of precise analysis in terms of drawing has been central to my own work.  More recently I have moved to greater abstraction to stimulate the observer’s response to the image in question which has been particularly important.

Brian image


Brian Richardson

The Rolling of Dice

My first rewarding experience was as a seven year old.  I won an art competition!  Since then creating pictures has preoccupied my creative output. My art is informed by images compulsively collected from elements of the environment especially the unique aspects of The Malvern Hills where I live image Brian

and work, but also on my travels.  The ‘landscape’ for me can be an expansive vista, or at my feet as I walk.  It can be discovering things imperfect, impermanent, incomplete or even ‘unseen’. I celebrate cracks and crevices, tracks and scars, and other marks of time, weather and use have left behind.  However, it is the act of painting where invention begins.

All of my works have elements in common…..chance, happy accidents, discovery.  The theme of my work therefore relates to the process of painting rather than any subject matter or content.

My paintings emerge from the emotions I feel….. I am a physical and spontaneous painter working to capture feelings and emotions in a tangible form.

I begin without expectations, ‘I do not seek, I find‘ (Pablo Picasso) and work on a subconscious level that disregards conscious logic.  Guided by my ‘inner voice’, I surrender control to the paint, transporting it by various means on a journey of creative discovery.  I have no fear of ‘making mistakes’.  It is only when I become consciously aware and start making judgments that problems occur.

I am reliably informed that all of the above examples relate to a process called ALEATORICISM, which means the incorporation of chance into the process of creation.  Aleatoricism is derived from the Latin word Alea, The Rolling of Dice






 Clay Sculpture Workshops for beginners

Play, experiment or try a portrait fiqure – small classes, must be over 18

SAT JUNE 8th.  – 10.30am – 2.30pm
FREE Mini taster sessions working with clay  during Ledbury Community Day

Mon 10th June – 11.00am – 3pm                  this one alice
Clay Sculpture Workshop             £40
Tues 11th June – 6pm – 9pm
Clay Sculpture Workshop             £35

Or £68 for both – Free clay included

Booking required

Alice May Shield
To book email:    alice.shield@virgin.net

 At ‘Artistree Gallery’

Upstairs at Heritage Centre
Church Lane, Ledbury. HR8 1DN


Thank you so much for continuing to support Artistree at The Gallery, Ledbury.

You will receive a very warm welcome when you visit.


Quote:- ‘Creativity takes courage’ – Henri Matisse



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