Are you ready… we go…… another year begins at The Gallery, Ledbury 2019

Yes all the preparations are underway and we open again on Wednesday 6th March.  Opening hours remain the same, 10.30am – 4.30pm, Wednesday- Sunday.

We are getting excited to show off our new work and some familiar work too but nonetheless a warm welcome will be extended to all who come and of course all of us are willing and able to explain our vision for any of the art on display.



As we start a new year we thought it appropriate to introduce the artists to you, so the aim is to include 3 artists per blog beginning rather predictably with the ‘A’s.


Alan with Focus on me! (1)

Alan Richardson

Alan is a Ledbury based artist carrying on the tradition of Marcel Duchamp who had the concept of creativity which valued transforming materials to the point where they became something new.

Best described as ‘’Re-vision’’ the materials used keep their original look but enter into a new configuration. The aim is to stimulate the viewer into considering the way these objects existed and accept their creation into a new form.


Alice (1)

Alice May Shield

Sculptor, Painter

I am simply an observer of “without and within”, observing emotions, from pensive tranquillity to passion and exuberance.

In my work I try to embody the spirit of that emotion in paint, clay, wire, whichever medium seems to call me at that moment.

When I work with clay, I model the original Alice Sculpture (2)often over a handmade armature (a wire framework), fabricate my own multi-piece mould, then I cast the form in sturdy traditional materials i.e. French Ciment-Fondue or cast stone. This is a long and many-faceted process during which I carefully maintain the original inspiration and vision.

My sculptures range in size from miniature emotionally charged figures to a life-size clay figure which is a work in progress!

History:    Qualified Nurse for 30 years; 20 of those also a Qualified Therapist.

Studied sculpture at Malvern Hills College.

I offer sculpture workshops in Ledbury and Cheltenham. You are welcome to email for details:


Arthur blog

Arthur print


We hope to see you soon and please enjoy the blog.


Quote – The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke (Jerzy Kosinski)

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