Artistree Blog August 2018

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The Gallery, Upstairs Heritage Centre. Church Lane, Ledbury, HR8 1DN.

A not-for-profit Contemporary Artists’ Co-operative.

Values – Participation, Trust and Common Vision.

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Hello art luvvers,

Artistree’s current exhibition is due to finish very soon on Sunday 26th August.  Our next exhibition will start on Wednesday 29th August and run until 28th October.  Please see poster below.  We have had a wonderful summer and thank you for your continued interest and support.



The Gallery Ledbury is upstairs in the Heritage Museum building at the top of Church Lane.  It is a wonderful old building with lots of character and Artistree are delighted with the space to display their art.  You will receive a very warm welcome and artists who steward each day (Wednesday – Sunday) are very

happy to explain their procedures.

Come along and chat, tell Artistree members what you are interested in too.




‘A State of Being’: Thriving local Artists’ Co-operative’s Third Art Exhibition of 2018.

Artistree, the Ledbury-based artists’ co-operative are holding their third exhibition of the 2018 season in their Gallery above the Heritage Centre in Ledbury’s Church Lane.

This exhibition showcases the talents of Artistree artists, displaying the diverse range of media used within the group, encompassing textiles, ceramics, print, encaustic, wood, photography as well as paint.

All our artists show the influence of the landscape, sea, our present culture, internalizing these elements to express and communicate in their unique ways their own perspective of the human experience, what it is to be human, the human response and state of being.




Advance Notice – Artistree will also be exhibiting at No. 8, Pershore from Thursday November 15th until Wednesday 5th December.

The Gallery, Ledbury will close from October 28th until March 2019.  Artistree continue to meet during that time to discuss and plan for the following year and will continue to update from time to time.

Quote – ‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time’ (Thomas Merton).  Can’t be bad!!!!


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